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We've tried to covered most of your needs, from industrial to commercial construction and everything in between. Don't hesitate to ask us a question or inquire an estimate budget. All of our staff will be friendly and knowledgeable, we know and understand you will have a lot of questions. We want you to know just how special you and your project are to us, so we will do our very best to ensure to answer all of your doubts.  Yes, we will give you a complimentary estimate.

We promise our total commitment to deliver on time our contracted job, complying with and applying established quality standards and procedures in the construction industry. Behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won't stop working until you like what we've done.

Our Mission

To deliver on time our contracted job, complying with and applying established quality standards and procedures in the construction industry.

Our Vision

We want to maintain our procurement reputation... ¡Building it right the first time …perform and recommend… the optimal…to our customers!

Our Values

From our company
From our employees
With our customers
Optimal quality
Delivery on time

Best price-quality relationship

About us

Santos & Linden started operations in 1995, providing services to the construction industry. With more than 20 years of experience in the industrial sector, we have continually teamed with construction companies and developers from small to very large.

Our knowledge in the manufacturing and installation of steel structures as well as construction of civil works primarily focused to the industrial and commercial sector, has position us, as a well-recognized company in the construction sector. Santos & Linden has had experience in the construction of petrol stations complying with the standards set by Mexico oil company, gasoline division Pemex Refinación.

As a bonus of our service ...that we do not stop after your construction is finished,... we are able to provide industrial maintenance to your industrial buildings.

In Santos & Linden we have the ability to integrate highly qualified professional human capital for your project that will guarantee all our work. Santos & Linden has its own Importers License, thus offers the service of importation/exportation of building materials and / or machinery, this may help our customers to cut logistic time during the construction process.

We are proud to see how each day the number of satisfied customers grows and be a link to their needs and requirement solutions. That it is, our customers and us, know that the important point is to perform and recommend:  the optimal edification procedures, the optimal building materials, with the best optimal human capital ...to construct it right the first time!

10 reasons for hiring Santos & Linden ...!

- Pre-analysis and evaluation meetings for free.
- We focus 100% on the benchmark quality of the industrial & commercial construction.
- Commitment to deliver on time our initial construction agreement.
- Your money will be well invested through a fair price, getting the best cost-benefit.
- We have our own importation License, we can import your machinary and equipment.
- We will integrate the best qualified human capital to each project.
- With the experience in the construction and the operation of gas stations.
- With the experience in the construction of steel structures.
- With the experience in the construction of civil works, and infrastructure.
- We will always give you an honest opinion and recommendation to exceed or  meet the standards set by the construction industry.

Prime contractor

Santos & Linden 


...ON TIME?.



¿Would you like to hire the preferred sub-contractor of the big construction companies?

We know that the important point is ... ¡to perform and recommend … the optimal..
... constructing it right the first time ...!

Contact or call us, give us the opportunity to meet and talk with you.

!... you're going to be pleasantly surprised...¡.

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